5 Ways To Improve Your App Reviews & Rating

Definitely the buy ios app reviews available for mystery shopping and gig work. Observa provides the clearest, easiest instructions to follow. The gigs are usually quick to complete (depending on the type that you accept). You only have 2 hours to complete the job once you have accepted it so you don’t have to worry about seeing jobs in reserve status for days on end like I’ve seen in other apps. The payouts are extremely quick and efficient. They pay directly into your PayPal account. I’ve been paid as quickly as an hour but never longer than 2 days.

The people who seem to be complaining about not getting paid must not be clearly following the directions. The directions are extremely clear on exactly what is expected and it clearly states that any rejected observations will not be used by Observa. So if you don’t do exactly what they ask, then you don’t deserve the money. Most of the time it’s just taking clear photos of items in a store. I haven’t had to deal with their support so I can’t comment on their accessibility.

The only cons I have are that the app can be a bit glitchy. For one, they want to track your location at all times, presumably to inform you when your near observations but it seems a bit excessive. Every time you open the app it asks you again to use your location while not using the app. I have it so that it only tracks my location when I’m using the app but this doesn’t seem to work all the time either. For example, I was on a drive and decided to do observations at multiple locations.

 I kept the app open in the background while I was going from store to store. Even though I allow the app to track my location while using, it did not track my movements (which I didn’t notice). Eventually I got past a certain distance (over 25 miles) from where I first started and I went to complete an observation. Once I went to submit it, the paid app reviews would not allow me to saying that I was over 25 miles away.

 I had already completed the observation and was leaving the store and did not want to go back in so I figured I’d resubmit once I drove back a little closer to home. It still wasn’t working and I didn’t want to lose the observation by closing the app. Eventually I closed the app and fortunately it saved the work but was still saying I was far away.

However now I was within 25 miles so it let me submit. While I did eventually get paid for this, i did receive a message saying it was almost rejected because the gps showed I wasn’t exactly at the location (even though I was within their 25 mile perimeter) and the only reason it wasn’t rejected was because the address was slightly visible in the photo.

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