Do You Need A Best Earning App?

“I think it’s the only app program I have stuck to – and I have purchased them all, I am sure!!  Lots of the do categorizing, have nice themes, check off boxes… but I just get bored with them. best earning app I want a to do app. I don’t need it to import recipes from the net or sent a missile to the moon. I need a quick way to add things I am bound to forget.  After a few levels you can move the items around and batch all calls together, all shopping, all conversation with you best forever robot friend. CARROT⁵ is entertaining too. Who doesn’t need a little giggle with your to do’s?  Or an angry CARROT³ when you procrastinate for two or three days?  Highly recommended.”

best earning app

“This smarty pants does the impossible— she gets me to actually check things off my to do list.  Using more of the stick than the carrot sometimes, but still…

If the point of a to-do app is to get your tasks written down,  then pretty much anything will work.  Even pen/crayon/marker and paper/napkins/etc.  But if you’re not gonna get them done, then what’s the point?

Carrot gets me to get it done.  (Or at least to lie about it.)”

“I have serious ADD & anything that will help me with that is wonderful! I have other “to do” apps but I’m definitely getting more done with CARROT. It may sound ridiculous if you don’t have AD(H)D but it’s difficult for me not forget the little daily things like setting up the coffee pot before bed, putting the laundry in the dryer etc etc. I have plenty of alarms going off all day long every day to remind me of the bigger things & to leave on time so I’m not late to whatever. CARROT’s winning personality (jk CARROT) keeps me coming back to my list everyday when normally I might get overwhelmed & just ignore the list. I don’t write reviews but I decided to download CARROT after reading the reviews of others with ADD/ADHD so I hope if you also have it you’ll give CARROT a try (especially since you’ll want to be in her good graces Before she takes over the world!). 

CARROT is like having one of your snarky sarcastic friends prodding you along except that you don’t want to punch CARROT 😆 

Also try the CARROT alarm clock to wake you. It’s impossible for me to go back to sleep after her insane harassment!! & I definitely don’t want to piss her off hitting snooze! 😱 Thank you CARROT!!!”

“I’m not a big fan of ‘to do’ lists because they tend to turn into great big piles of self-induced guilt. I usually end up throwing away “to do” notebooks and never opening productivity apps because they promise to make me feel better but make me feel worse. 

This app tries its best to make me feel bad about myself and ends up cheering me up.

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