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Is it right to earn through apps?

July 3, 2020 by the100calorieblog
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Mobile App Development Industry comes in conjunction with a huge potential to earn many dollars. However, not every app earns equal share of Android and iOS market revenue.

In spite of following the same mobile application development process to make money earning app, not every developer is enjoying the fortune of getting billions of dollars being transferred to their accounts. this is often often making startups and developers who are yet to enter the mobile industry encounter with questions like, “ Do apps make money?”, “How to form online money earning app successfully?” – questions we’ll tackle during this text .

Things to know before going for app development

Often, businesses believe the thanks to make money from an app idea without giving much heed to what’s the key behind apps that go viral and therefore the thanks to earn the same amount of fame and profits. An outcome of which is that they fail to understand their goal.

So, the first thing you’d wish to believe while determining the thanks to make money by developing apps is to focus upon what features are making an app popular within the market. a look into this might not just increase the possibilities of earning potential profits, but also will help to lower down the worth of developing and maintaining an app.



In a survey, it had been seen that 63% of users prefer mobile apps for the sole reason of convenience. Other responses that were recorded within an equivalent survey suggested something almost like convenience also . All this concluded to the actual fact that customers want an app that’s fast, efficient and visually appealing.
Payment is another big factor for users. Most users are skeptical about the security of an app which prevents them from buying your products. Considering payment gateway integration will make things better. you’ll also attach most used mobile payment apps like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. in your app to increase your Android/iOS app revenue.

Choosing the right platform is yet another factor responsible. Android vs iOS could also be a really debatable topic and doubtless has no end thereto . However, choosing one between the two requires some serious statistical support, especially when creating apps for money.

Revenue Growth For Android and iOS
If you’re wondering that with payment models like those stated above, where are both platforms – iOS and Android, standing at in terms of revenue, here is that the solution .

The global Android and iOS app revenue grew by over 24 per cent within the year 2018 to succeed in around $71.2 B, as cited by a replacement report released by Sensor. Sensor is that the app intelligence firm which measures subscriptions, paid apps, and thus the in-app purchases that have happened in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

How much money do Apps make?
Now that we all know what are the things to believe while mobile application development and thus the way the payment system works live Store and App Store and therefore the scope of generating revenue that both the platforms got to offer, allow us to now understand the answer to the important question– what proportion Money are you ready to make from an app?

Which Platform Is Your App Based On?
The platform you develop your app for can have a significant impact on the cash earning capability of your app.When it involves answering the thanks to make money making apps, Apple wins the race. Over 25% of the iOS App Developers earn over $5,000 from their app while only 15% of the Android App Developers are able to make anywhere around $5,000 from their Play Store Applications.