The Ultimate Guide To ASO Agencies

It’s an extremely well structured amass of knowledge that you can have right on your phone. I know what that sounds like and yes, you can just look things up. But most of the time you either can’t find exactly what you were looking for or you barely understand the answer. The way they deliver the information is apprehensive, logical, and thorough. 


Normally the only way to access that kind of app store optimization agencies structured knowledge is schooling. Now I’m not sure about the rest of you but I hated school. Mostly because the focus wasn’t on the learning, but on the pressure of due dates. What’s great about this app is that I can now learn about a lot of things that interest me without paying outrageous tuition costs with the added stress of failing a test, project, assignment, etc.

That’s just my take. But if you’re not interested in learning and growing as a human, this may not be the right app for you.” “I have 3 kids who play competitive tennis and so stringing has become essential. I find the app to be incredibly accurate, allowing me to get predictable tension every time. I could calibrate the tension on my stringer with the reported tension on the app but that’s not necessary since the readings are so consistent. 

I now have something like 10 different rackets and at least that many strings in the database . It’s easy to add more. It’s great for checking tension after a couple of uses as well as for actual stringing. Very impressed. I’ve strung over 100 times using it and I’m very satisfied.”

Being an engineer and tennis player I find this racket useful in helping me track string tensions. Since I’m not a pro I’m responsible for having my three rackets strung. I use this program each Saturday morning to see if any of the rackets have become more loose than the others so I can play that racket less until it catches up with the others. I’m now stringing one with different strings and using this program to evaluate how well the new string is holding tension vs. the other two rackets.

“I find this app extremely useful. Right off the bat, from my experience, it seems very accurate. I always use this app right after stringing a racket to test the reliability, and unless my stringer and this app are off by the same amount (usually a +/- 0.5lbs between the app and stringer), it’s dead on.

From there, I find it very interesting to track the tension decay over time (from playing and not playing with it). Helps me determine what types of string retain tension best 

All in all, love this app, use it almost everyday. Can’t think of any improvements I want to see” This is a very useful and effective app for racket stringers and racket sports participants as well. It is a useful tool to determine, in relative terms, how much your racket tension has changed over time. Check our NextLabs

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