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This era surely belongs to mobile gadgets and applications in boosting the economy. A successful app can change the face of your business. Tinder made an incredible amount, four hundred sixty million dollars alone in the year 2018. That’s not it, google play store made 24.8 billion dollars, and the apple store received 65 billion. Clearly, it shows that the app’s success is the main goal for every app developer.

But what needs to be done to stand out in more than 5.5 million apps in the app store?

All you need is an App Store Optimisation company to work with.

How do App Store Optimisation company’s help?

Even if your app has an excellent concept, the right product quality, there is no use unless and until the app results in the top 10 searches. So, app developers use a marketing technique called App Store Optimisation, which increases the app’s visibility and conversion rate Optimisation and leads to good growth and profits.

Choosing an App store Optimisation company helps in productivity and promotes your business popularity. It helps in updating your app continuously and aids in moving ahead than your competitor’s app.

Overall, the app’s success is not an overnight sensation but months of hard work. Aso companies help in making the marketing of the app easier and healthier.

Top App Store Optimisation strategies:

Here are a few strategies and techniques used by the top ASO company.

  1. Application auditing:

Application auditing is an excellent tool that is used to analyze all the factors that affect your app’s organic traffic from a different point of view while understanding the factors that are affecting the current existing rank. Comparing with your competitor’s app, they analyze and understand where your app needs progress

It helps the app’s ASO analysis too, and it reports on how it’s working in the growth and best way to improve its ASO position.

Auditing the app is almost used by every top ASO agency to understand overall development.

  1. Keyword Optimisation:

As a part of auditing, the best keywords for the app are analyzed and reported in two methods depending on your objectives. The two ways they use are:

  • Aggressive keyword approach.
  • Conservative approach.
  1. A/B testing:

This method is used by the company to compare your app to your competitor’s app to determine which performs better. This gives an analysis naturally and shows how your update has affected the users either way (positive or negative). A/b testing is the most effective tool used my ASO agencies and is said to improve almost 30% of the app’s efficiency.

  1. CPI campaigns:

CPI (cost per installation) is a special type of campaign in which publishers advertise your mobile application through various platforms to install it. It is a metric used in a cost-effective marketing strategy in which you pay the publishers based on the only number of installs.


Just like the best team for your app development, the best app agency always pays off. If you feel like you have a winning content app, it good to choose the best agency out there for a good marketing strategy.