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Why keeping up with your app store optimization performance is quite important!

April 15, 2021 by the100calorieblog
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Digital marketing is often called data-driven marketing. It includes analysis, metrics, measurement, and reporting are crucial for digital marketing. Even when it comes to apps, your app’s aso services performance might get affected when you process data in an outdated system that can negatively impact your app’s KPI’s. You could be measuring and reporting about false reality and overall impacting your app marketing. 

Since app store optimization is the central point for digital marketing, you need to be careful while measuring your app’s performance or even while doing the research for new aso services. 

Here are a few things we give you that you need to consider while getting your app store optimization report:

Prioritize what is your KPI:

The main goal of aso is to get more organic installs and increase your app’s popularity and visibility. Converting your already existing users to paying customers is the only way you can generate revenue for your app and can expand your business.conversion rates. Organic installs are key factors for your app’s aso.

But yet, few app aso agencies focus on low relevance data factors that only help significantly less in understanding the app’s performance. For some, it is just keyword analysis while for others, it is getting good user ratings. But for real, only focusing on one part of aso services doesn’t help you work better in the bigger picture. Understand where you want to focus and where your app needs more attention. 

Prioritizing your KPI along with focusing on other sectors, is important in a best app store optimization report.

The three main divisions of aso strategy:

While selecting your key performance indicators, first understand the divisions in data of aso strategy. It is divided into:

Business-related: it is the first crucial metric you need to focus on. It involves revenue, profit and other economic investments you make. This business-related report helps in understanding your business to the core value and how can you expand it to get more organic customers.

Installs related data: installs are the key performance indicators for aso. The number of installs, download velocity, conversion rates are the metrics which help in understanding the key performance of aso strategy—looking at this report help in understanding how your aso and user acquisition.

Indirect opportunities: this includes analyzing the data that are not under your control; it contains factors like user ratings and reviews, visibility in the app store, ranking high in search results and getting featured. Although this might take time to achieve it is the best factor which shows that your app strategy is working.

Take care of data insufficiency while reporting:

When there is less data volume in any reports that means your going in the wrong path. When you prepare a report for analyzing your keyword performance, you need to have at least three months prior to data for comparison. Aso reports are not at their best if the data volume is low.


App store optimization report is the key step to know if your app is failing or winning.  You can get the best app store optimization report when you know what metrics and insights you want to focus on.