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When you consider app store optimization services for your app, keyword optimization is the first and most important step used by the top app store optimization company.

A keyword analysis is the base for any online marketing campaigns and helps in finding your app. 

But what is keyword optimization?

Keyword optimization is the process of using the best keywords in the app’s content description. It includes the process of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords for your is the base and the only driving factor in bringing the traffic towards your app page.


Keyword optimization must be the first crucial step for any online marketing campaign. If you’re bad at selecting the right keywords, then the work you’ve put in your app might all go in vain. With only the right keywords, your app might get the proper visibility and popularity you’ve expected while launching it.


While this is the first step every top app store optimization company focuses on, most of the aso companies think only keyword optimization is enough for performing aso services. Keyword optimization and other aso services go hand in hand. Without proper keyword optimization, remaining aso services is a mere waste of time and vice versa.

Four main steps are focused on while doing keyword research in the top app store optimization company.

  • Research the keywords: this step includes jotting down all the keywords that best relate to your app content and what your app does.writing down all the keywords in a spreadsheet. If you’re struggling to find the right keywords, then make use of google play or apple store suggestions of keywords.
  • Prioritizing the keywords: Later analyzing all the keywords according to their search traffic and selecting the best keywords. It includes further filtration of the keywords based on app relevancy and keyword competition and ranks. While keyword research demands as many new keywords as possible, you need to prioritize only a few best keywords for the app in this step.
  • Targeting the keywords: Later focus on calculating the relevancy factor and keyword score for each keyword. With the most relevant – “starred” and the top-ranked keywords should be your prioritized keywords. Once you get your desired keywords, use the keywords as much as possible in the app’s title, subtitle, long description, etc.  

   This helps you rank higher in the search list.   

  • Measuring the keywords: keeping up with the new trends and updating your app’s keywords with tracking and monitoring on keywords. 

Keyword optimization is not a simple process, and it is an ever-changing process. Every month or sometimes, even in a few days, your top prioritized keywords might become less relevant keywords, and some other keywords might rank high in search score. Keeping an eye on new trends and focusing on your app’s betterment is the key.


Wrapping this introduction, keyword analysis and optimization is like the heart of all online marketing. It is the base for any app, website or campings to drive traffic to your relevant app or website. With best aso service, your app might reach to heights.